Historically I have recommended the use of a program called Spam Bayes. This program has worked wonderfully for Outlook users and if your still using a pre 2010 outlook it will work for you to. (if you have questions for install call us) But this note is for those using the latest outlook 2013 or 2010+ 64 bit.

Outlook has increased the usefulness of its spam filter. But it requires user intervention. Meaning you have to set it up. (not as easy as the spambayes tools sorry) Let me see if we can give you pictures and step by step instructions. Short cut (call us 801-743-6878)

On the home tab there is a junk button
Under Junk button is Junk E-Mail Options
This will bring up the Junk E-Mail Options window with 5 tabs across the top the first tab is Options and here you will have 4 radio button options and 3 check box rules
- No automatic filtering Junk filter off (spam heaven you like spam don't you)
- Low: Most obvious read none.
- High: Most junk E-Mail were starting to get there but now we are catching good emails
- Safe Lists only. Every thing gone without user intervention

The rules
- Permanently delete suspected junk only after you have spent some time customizing your rules or you don't care about this inbox
- Disable Links and other functionality in good idea but don't forget how to turn this off
- Warn me about suspicious domain good idea at first but you will eventually turn this off. You will have learned and get sick of the warning.

Our recommended settings are to set the radio button to high. And do the following to customize your rules

Still in the Junk E-Mail Options Window select the Safe Senders list Tab and make the following changes.
- Put a check in the Also trust e-Mail from my Contacts
- And put a check in Automatically add people I E-Mail to the Safe Senders List.

These 3 changes will catch most Spam email. However you will still miss important E-Mails unless you check your junk mail folder and pull out wanted email (this step is similar to Spam Bayes instructions)

Simply open your junk mail folder and look for the wanted E-mail right click on it and select Junk and then Not Junk from the context window.
It will give you to option to "always Trust e-mail" Do so. Then outlook will not make the mistake again.